Wendy & James Bowman

Wendy and James Bowman are working on this exciting new chapter with some of Australia’s best winemakers to continue the over half-century tradition of producing outstanding single varietal wines under the Barwang label, an icon brand name that means ‘place of water.’

barwang wines

The Region

Barwang vineyard is situated along the South West Slopes of the Great Dividing Range, nestled between Harden and Young at an altitude of 520m.

This area enjoys reliable rainfall, with mild days and cool nights, allowing for the slow, even ripening of fruit. The region’s high altitude, cool prevailing winds from the Great Dividing Range, that offset higher temperatures during the summer months, and the high minerality of the soil are three significant elements which combine to make the Hilltops a distinctive wine producing region. A dry summer and autumn, with cool nights and mild days exacerbate the extended ripening period.

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barwang wines


The soils are deep red, decomposed granite clays impregnated with basalt.

The microclimates and terroir around Barwang Vineyard dictate regional characteristics, and act as a natural protection from the warm inland summer, reducing the risk of heat stress. The outcome is ideal growing conditions for making premium wine: grapes achieving maximum ripeness, ideal acid, flavour and colour retention, and intense fruit characters. As a safeguard against drought conditions, a massive 100 million litre dam has been built to capitalise on the natural spring and rain fed water source.

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Winemaking & Vineyard Team

The Bowman's are surrounded by an amazing, passionate team working tirelessly to cultivate some of the finest grapes from this picturesque vineyards and transform them into exceptional wines. Scott Douglas, a viticulturalist with over 30 years’ experience joined the team after working in the Yarra Valley. Scott, along with his wife, Jen are nurturing Barwang vineyard and gardens to the next level.

We are working with talented winemakers with close links to this vineyard gained from working for McWilliams and Barwang Wines. Follow along on this journey with us as we create wines with talented, award-winning winemakers who understand the outstanding quality of grapes produced at Barwang.

Barwang wines


Barwang and the Bowman's have been long-time neighbours for over six generations. A new chapter for Barwang history is now in the making with the Bowman's taking over this iconic vineyard in 2021.

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